About Lyndon Moss

About Lyndon Moss 

Lyndon Moss was taught by a friend to play the guitar at age twelve. He soon began to teach himself from a lengthy guitar course that was given to him by his father Oscar Moss. Possessing a natural gift for the instrument, Lyndon began to invent complex chords as he explored the instrument as early as his teenage years. 

Lyndon plays the electric and acoustic guitar, and says that the Epiphone and Gibson guitars as his favorite models. He is a genuine guitar whiz kid who plays a wide range of musical genres. He has amassed a wealth of information and practical skills about the guitar. 

Two fascinating things are the ways in which  his fingers move effortlessly up and down the fret and the intricate music that he plays. Lyndon's passion is to play music, to connect with musicians, to teach beginners the skills that he learnt over the years and to share resources that will help them to become great guitarists. 

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